Band & Cold Saw Cutting Services

A cut to length process is often the first step in the production of an accurate metal part. At Production Cutting Services, we have a variety of cutting processes that can deliver a part that meets a customer’s unique requirements. We have cold sawing as well as band sawing equipment to meet the challenge at hand. Both types of machines have square cutting and miter cutting capabilities that are utilized to cut different materials at varying tolerance levels.

Our cold sawing capability provides an automated, very accurate process to cut angles up to +/- 60 degrees. Raw tubing or bar up to 6″ diameter and 24′ feet long is loaded into the machine to be cut with square or mitered ends.

We have both horizontal and vertical band saw mitering capability. Machines are CNC programmable to cut up to 20″ x 25″ sections x 48′ in length. Angles to 60 degrees in both directions can be cut very accurately.

Production Cutting Services also has bundle cutting systems capable of square cutting mill bundles accurately in a very cost effective manner. Bundles measuring up to 30″ W x 25″ H x 48′ long are automatically loaded into the system and square cut into parts. Finished bundles are handled off the machine by the cross transfer unloading system.

No sawing capability would be complete without being able to blank solids efficiently. Sometimes this capability feeds our own machining processes or our customer’s. Our horizontal band saws index various round, square, rectangular, or hex bar sizes to length accurately and provide cost effective blanks for further processing.

Our supply chain relies on its strong relationships with tube mills, bar mills and service centers to deliver product quickly and at preferred prices. Our facilities are ISO 9001:2008 certified, our customer service team is knowledgeable and responsive, and our delivery dates are firm. To learn more about our cutting services, please see the table below. Contact us at any time for a quote on your next order.

Band & Cold Saw Cutting Highlights

General Capabilities

Cold Saw, Band Saw

Equipment Capabilities

NC Control Capabilities

Material Grades

Carbon Steel:

  • ASTM A36
  • ASTM A992
  • ASTM A513
  • ASTM A500 B/C
  • ASTM A108
Stainless Steel:

  • Type 304
  • Type 316


  • 6061 T6

Round Capacity

Max: 25″ @ 90 degrees

Miter Capacity


  • 20 “x 25” @ 90 degrees
  • 20″ x 17″ @ 45 degrees
  • 20 x 11.25″ @ 60 degrees

Industry Focus

Agriculture Equipment
Construction Equipment
Office Furniture
On-Road / Off-Road
Open Air and Covered Support Structures
Non-Residential Construction
Transport Equipment

Industry Standards

ISO 9001:2008 – International Organization for Standardization
ASTM Standards