Laser Cutting Services

Since our founding in 1985, Production Cutting Services has provided our customers with close tolerance component parts delivered on time. Our capabilities support volumes from one off prototyping to high production part volumes. With our state-of-the-art 3D laser cutting equipment, we are able to process long pipe and structural steel on a single machine from a single setup. We can create complex features and angled cuts, allowing for low cost final assembly techniques, such as tab and slot joints, weld prep bevels, and coped part ends. Sections such as rectangles, squares, and rounds can be processed. We can also use our lasers to etch parts with important data such as lot numbers, serial numbers, or instructions to aid in assembly.

Our laser cutting machines utilize both CO2 and Fiber Optic beam delivery systems to create uniform, burr-free cuts in many different materials with thicknesses up to ¾”. Advanced CNC motion control systems allow us to meet tolerances as close as ±.05 mm.

Production Cutting Services’ 3D processes also include multiple axis equipment with the capability to cut features into non-planar profiles such as hydro formed, stamped, and metal spun components. Laser cutting features into 3D geometries after they have been formed makes fit up in the customer’s assembly more consistent. This process is capable for material thicknesses up to 3/8 inch.

We are able to work with all types of materials, including aluminum, brass and steel. We are ISO 9001:2008 certified and operate according to lean manufacturing principles. Our laser cutting services are ideal for prototyping projects and we offer rush and emergency services for time critical applications. Contact us at any time for a quote on your next project.

Laser Cutting Highlights

Laser Types

Fiber Optic

Tubing, I Beam, Channel, Angle, Plate

Square / Rectangular – 10″ x 10″ max
Round 11.75″ max Up to 315″ in Length

Non-Planar Profiles, Formed Parts, Stampings

53.75″ L x 48″ W (inquire for depth)

Intended Cutting Material Grades

Carbon Steel:

  • ASTM A36
  • ASTM A992
  • ASTM A513
  • ASTM A500 B/C

Stainless Steel:

  • Type 304
  • Type 316

  • 6061 T6

Brass and other highly reflective metals

Contour Cutting

Up to 6 Axis

Laser Power Output

Up to 4000 Watts

Industry Focus

Agriculture Equipment
Construction Equipment
Office Furniture
Open Air and Covered Support Structures

Industry Standards

ISO 9001:2008

Manufacturing Model

Lean Applications
High Volume
Low Volume
Prototype / Service Parts

IS Files Used

AutoCAD (.dwg .dwz)
SolidWorks (sldprt, slddrw, slddrt)