3D Laser Component

At Production Cutting Services, our unique metal cutting and machining abilities allow us to offer premium quality products at some of the most competitive prices in the industry. By employing advanced manufacturing technology, such as 3D laser cutting, we are able to combine processes, and hold tight tolerances to create complex components quickly. The item shown here consists of a structural component measuring 132” in length, 5” in height, and 5” in width. With its unique design, required for a specific mating fit, it represents a very typical part that falls within our many core competencies.

The ability to laser cut 3 dimensionally with 6-axis allows for the cutting of bevels, slots, notches, and other uniquely placed features without the need for highly specialized tooling. We have the ability to handle tough projects and at various volumes, whether it’s an order for 12, or 12,000. For additional details about custom 3D laser cutting, contact us directly.

3D Laser Cut Agricultural Component Highlights

Project/Product Name

Typical Part – 3

Project/Product Description

Structural component AG equipment.

Capabilities Applied/Processes

3D Tube Laser Cutting

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

Mazak FG150 Tube Laser

Overall Part Dimensions

5” x 5” x 132”