drilled & Cut Agricultural Part

At Production Cutting Services, we have a wide array of machining and cutting equipment that allows us to process a range of component types and sizes. The 290” long rectangular tube shown here has a cross section of 16” x 8” and is used on a piece of agricultural equipment. This structural component is produced on a specialized three-spindle drilling and cutting system. In this three-spindle system, tubing, angle, and I-beams up to 48’ long can be drilled and cut to length in one clamping, reducing handling, production time, and increasing overall part accuracy.

The drilling unit controls the band saw, which results in extremely consistent parts with precise hole placement. In addition, the band saw is capable of cutting angles up to 60°, allowing for a variety of part types to be produced on these workcenters. We have two of these systems, so that multiple jobs can be run simultaneously or high volume projects can be turned around quickly. For additional details about this drilling and cutting project, see the table below, or contact us directly.

DRilled & Cut Agricultural Part Highlights

Project/Product Name

Typical Part-6

Project/Product Description

Structural component Ag Equipment

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Primary: 3 spindle drilling system integrated with bandsaw.

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

Drill/Saw System

Overall Part Dimensions

16” x 8” x 290”

Material Used

Rectangular Structural Hollow Sections