Bent and Laser Cut Agricultural Parts

Our ability at Production Cutting Services to provide 3D profile laser cutting allows for increased efficiencies and precision in a number of applications. The structural component shown here consists of a 70” long piece of 3” square tubing that is bent to customer specifications and then cut on our laser. The ability to laser cut features after the bending process is essential to achieving the necessary degree of accuracy for this part. Attempting to drill or machine the tubing prior to bending would lead to an unacceptable degree of dimensional variation in the overall part.

By cutting this part on our profiling laser, all part features are correctly shaped and in the exact location called out on the print. This represents a very typical project for us, and one that many fabrication and machine shops would have difficulty in duplicating. We produce approximately 300 of these parts annually for our customer in the agricultural equipment industry. For additional details regarding this custom 3D laser cutting project, see the table below, or contact us directly.

Bent & Laser Cut Agricultural Parts Highlights

Project/Product Name

Typical Part – 4

Project/Product Description

Structural Component Ag Equipment.

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Primary: Tube Bending Process

Secondary: Tube Laser Cutting Process

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

1. Ercolina GB 100 N/C Bender
2. Fiber Laser LT722D

Overall Part Dimensions

3” x 3” x 70”

Material Used


Industry for Use

Ag Equipment